Respecting Dahlia Maximilliana, noticed amongst " New Plants" in the Monthly for March, Mr. Haeltel, foreman to John Rock, Esq., Nurseryman, etc, San Jose, Cal., writes me as follows:"Last summer Mr. Roezl brought with him from Mexico a species of Dahlia under the above name, which he described as being a tree Dahlia. Mr. Rock procured plants of it. They were dormant. The roots differ from the old species, being less tuberous. They were potted and placed in a greenhouse, where they soon commenced to grow. The young shoots appearing from the old wood. In due time they were planted in the open ground. By Fall some of them had attained a height of about 6 feet,"when they were lifted and potted and again placed in the greenhouse where they have continued to flower the whole winter. The flowers are single, of a deep lilac color."

This may interest some of the readers of the Monthly.