B. T. B., Carlinville, Ill., says: " My evergreens are. dying ' piecemeal,' that is, they die in spots; a little branch here, and another there; sometimes on one side of the tree, and then again on the other; and then again, all through the tree you will see little dead branches or twigs. What can be the matter with them? Can you, and will you if you know, tell me? I would not bother you if it was the busy time of the year. But now, I thought you had time, and would, perhaps, give me the desired information. My trees stand just as they have grown, never having been trained a bit or a branch broken if I could prevent it, and consequently grow down to the ground. I hate to lose them now, they are 20 or 30 feet high; and should like it very much if you would tell me what to do for them."

[Evergreens, especially pines, are liable to the attack of a small fungus, which comes out in spots like small pin heads all over the leaves, and soon injures them, severely affecting in time very seriously the health of the trees. This is known as the AEcidium abietinum. In addition to this, pines often suffer from insect attacks; some kinds bore into the young branches and kill them. This is probably what is the matter with these trees; slit some of the injured branches lengthwise and see. If so, their traces will be seen, and the only remedy is persistent watchfulness, to cut off and burn all injured branches as soon as they are seen. - Ed. G. M.]