E. H., New Bedford, Mass., writes: - "I enclose to you two samples of Palm-leaves affected with a disease which seems to be spreading over the entire plant; my gardener is at a loss to know how to deal with it, One of the Palms is Latania Borbonica, a large thrifty plant, growing well, but this threatens to destroy it. Your opinion would be esteemed a great favor. I have for years been a subscriber to your Monthly."

[This disease is caused by a small fungus which feeds on the interior tissues of the leaves. It is not known how it enters the structure, but probably through the roots. Wood ashes, water with a little salt, just enough salt in the water to be perceptible to the taste, or even warm water itself (say 130°) will often destroy fungoid matter at the roots of plants, - and the Palms generally stand these closes better than other plants. If, however, the plant is not too large, it would be best to re-pot entirely in fresh earth, washing the roots clean in water with wood ashes. The diseased leaves should be cut off at once, as soon as the injury is perceived. - Ed. G. M.