Carmine: 1/4 loth (about 2 drachms) of Munich lac, 1/4 pint (about 1/2 drachm) ultramarine blue, dissolved in 12 loth (about 6 ounces) of warm water.- Rose: 1/4 quint of extract of safflower, dissolved in 1 quart of cold water.- Dark blue: 1 loth indigo extract in a quart of water.- Cornflower blue: 1/2 loth blue aniline, 2 loth spirits of wine, in 1 quart of water.- Violet: 1/2 loth violet aniline, with the same proportions of water and spirit.- Light blue: \ loth Prussian blue, dissolved in a quart of water.- Dark blue: 1 loth of catechu, boiled in a quart of water.- Light green: 1/4 loth picric acid, and \ quint of indigo in 20 loth of alcohol.- Black: as given above.- Orange: 3 loth of borax in 2 quarts of hot water, leaving the flowers to steep for some time.

The dyes for grasses, etc, are made in the ame way.