A "practical gardener of many years experience," hailing from Janesville, Wisconsin, is issuing a circular in which we are told that the tomato, except in few instances, does not ripen in that latitude till September, but he possesses a "secret" by which he can have them ripe by the 4th of July, which is Independence day. By his "secret," cabbages will mature "from two to four weeks earlier" than any body else's cabbage. By virtue of "said process," these " two important articles of food," cabbages and tomatoes, may be had " in bloom," when " the proper weather arrives for their transfer" from the hot beds.

What special advantage there is in having a cabbage in bloom we do not know, but this we suppose is part of the "secret," which we are told, "is not patented," and therefore can only be disposed of for a "valuable consideration." We are further told that "the method applies to nursery stock as well," which, we suppose is to be made to produce fruit on the fourth of July.

We do not know that any of our readers will be particularly anxious to "go in," on these "secrets," but if there are, there can be no objection, provided they pay all their debts first. It is their own business.