Roses For Winter Buds

The Garden says Niphetos, Isabella sprunt, and Safrano, are found to be the best to grow for Covent Garden Market.

Tacsoxia Ixsignis

The Tacsonias are closely allied to the passion flowers, and in many respects superior to some in beauty. A new one under the above title is among the novelties announced in England. The flowers are large, and of a crimson color.

Hardiness Of The Coffee

The coffee seems a hardier plant than we have been accustomed to regard it. A writer speaks of it as sometimes under snow in coffee countries; and that it makes a good plant for room culture.

Lilies of the valley, are the most charming of forced flowers. To be very successful with them, they should be grown a year in boxes before being forced.

Bouvardia jasminiflora is becoming popular in London for cut flowers. It is not as florifer-ous as our popular Vreelandii or Davisonii, but has the advantage of fragrance.

Names Of Ferns

L. Puffer, Mass.- Your fern is Aspidium falcatum. The fern from our correspondent at Guelph, Canada, is Cheilanthes pilosa.

Fruiting Of Hickory Trees

It does not take so long for nut trees to come into bearing as many suppose. Mr. Manning of Reading, Mass., has had a hickory to bear in fifteen years from planting.

Preserving Grapes For Winter Use

We have on various occasions noted that the English preserve their fine hot-house grapes for winter use, by cutting them with pieces of the branch, and inserting in a vial of water. So popular is the plan, that contrivances for holding bottles are numerous.

Planting Hickories

The Hon. Leverett Sal-tonstall, of Massachusetts, reports that he finds no more difficulty in transplanting hickories than any other trees, if they have been transplanted when young, and this is the experience of nurserymen.

Good Old Strawberries

It is a remarkable fact that while in this country the Hovey's Seedling now and then turns up, conquering all popular favorites, Myatt's British Queen often does the same in the old world, though now near forty years old. The very old favorite, Keen's Seedling, seems, however, to have gone out entirely. Its name is never heard.

The Wilder Pear

This one of Fox's new California Seedlings, and described in our Magazine, was referred to by Mr. Saul at the American Pomological Society's meeting in Chicago, as an excellent variety, which he had eaten in good condition on the 19th of April.

Latin Names For Garden Varieties

The Gardener's Chronicle says, "As a general principle we should prefer that Latin names should not be given to artificial productions;" this is the ground we have taken.

Pottsville, Pa

A correspondent tells us that on December 9th, the thermometer was 44° in the shade at Pottsville. This is pretty mild for a mountain climate, this city being 900 feet higher than Philadelphia. Gardening is slowly progressing in that great coal centre, though just now suffering somewhat, as it is in all other parts of the country.