A year ago last June, Mr. D. R. Eldred, a farmer and enthusiastic fruit grower of this (Washington) county, Texas, brought a basketful of these peaches to Mr. Watson for his opinion regarding them. It was in the first week in June, just as Hale's Early began ripening, and as a cling at that season is a rarity, it may be considered one of the best additions to our peach list in Texas, where clings are so much more in demand than free-stones, and it is a decided cling. The fruits are as large as Crawford's Early, somewhat oval in shape; pale yellow skin, with a beautiful red cheek; flesh, whitish, very juicy and rich. Mr. Watson says it is the earliest cling of his knowledge, and decidedly a first rate fruit, and in compliment to its raiser. Mr. W. has named it Eldred Cling. This year the fruits sold at a higher price than any in others Brenham.