The total interchange of plants and seeds with other Botanic and Horticultural establishments has more than doubled; while the number of plants and packets of seeds distributed from the Garden is more than six times as great as that of the previous year.

They were distributed as follows: To Great Britain, 487 plants and 878 packets of seeds; to the Continent of Europe, 76 plants and 449 packets of seeds; to the Governor of Bermuda, 2 packets of seeds; to all parts of the United States, 6,492 plants and 685 packets of seeds.

Total, 7,055 plants, and 2,014 packets of seeds,

1,609 plants and 2,195 packets of seeds, from 71 donors, have been contributed to the Garden during the year. Of these, 187 plants and 754 packets of seeds have been received from Great Britain; 46 plants and 536 packets of seeds from the Continent of Europe; 11 packets of seeds from the Cape of Good Hope, and 7 from Algeria; 66 plants from the Island of Bermuda, and 1 from Australia; and from all parts of the United States, 1,310 plants and 887 packets of seeds.

The principal foreign contributions are: A set of rare Orchidaceous plants and many European and Australian seeds from the Royal Garden, Kew; a large collection of seeds, from the North of Europe and Northern and Western Asia, from the Imperial Botanic Garden, St Petersburg; many seeds, especially of Mexican and Australian plants from the Royal Botanic Garden, Palermo; a large collection of seeds from the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris; and seeds of Alpine plants from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Besides the above, the following foreign donations require especial acknowledgments: A collection of the Ferns of those Islands from Major-General Lefroy, Governor of Bermuda; a fine collection of Orchids and other plants and seeds from Messrs. Veitch, the eminent London nurserymen; several collections of seeds from Mr. William Thompson, seed merchant, Ipswich, England; a magnificent Tree-Fern trunk from Australia, by the Baron Von Mueller; seeds and rare bulbs from Herr Leichlin, Baden-Baden, and collections of seeds of ornamental plants from the late M. Thuret, of Antibes, and Messrs. Huber & Co., nurserymen, Hyeres.

Among the many contributions to the Garden from the United States, the following are of especial value: Seeds and plants from the Sierras of California, by J. G. Lemmon, Esq., California; plants and seeds by H. B. Bolander, Esq., of San Francisco; a collection of seeds made in Southern Florida by Dr. Edward Palmer, and another made by the same collector on Guadeloupe Island off the California coast; a collection of seeds made in Colorado and Utah by Dr. C. C. Parry; a fine collection of plants and seeds from P. J. Berckmans, Esq., of Augusta, Georgia; a collection of exotic Orchids by General Rathbone, of Albany, N. Y., and many rare seeds by Dr. George Englemann, of St. Louis, and Dr. J. H. Mellichamp, of Bluffton, South Carolina.

It is again my duty to call attention to the fact, that to the very generous annual grant made to the Garden by the Trustees of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture is due its increasing usefulness as a means of illustration for Botanical instruction, and as a scientific establishment, through whose agency many useful and beautiful plants are annually introduced into this country; and from this country into all parts of the world. C. S. Sargent, Director.