"This pretty herbaceous grass is recommended for edgings, and I can fully endorse all that is said in its favor for that purpose, as I have employed it in that way, and find it most valuable. It is very dwarf, not exceeding 4 inches in height, and is dark green in color. Small pieces of it, put in a line about 2 inches apart, early in the spring, will expand and form a compact line by the autumn, and if not required to be lifted may remain for several years. Early in the summer it throws up flower-stalks, and if they are at once cut off with a pair of shears there will be no more growth to need trimming until the next year. I believe it to be quite as ornamental as box, and it neither entails as much labor to keep it neat, nor is it so liable to get out of order as this much used edging plant."

In addition to what the Garden says above, we may add, that it is entirely hardy in our climate, and may be made to do good service in our ornamental gardening.