The floral decorations at the exhibition of the Tunbridge Wells Horticultural Society, held on the 2nd inst., exhibited a marked improvement upon those of last season, both as regards number of entries and taste in arrangement. In the class for a group of three pieces for table decoration (flowers or fruit), strange to say not one group staged contained fruit. The first prize in this class was awarded to Mrs. Seale, London Road, Sevenoaks, for a charmingly-arranged group of three March vases, decorated with white Water Lilies, scarlet Geraniums, the scarlet scarlet of the Flamingo plant, Orchids, scarlet Begonias, pale blue Larkspurs, mixed varieties of Ferns and wild Grasses, while from the trumpets trailed long sprays of Lygodium scandens. The arrangement of the flowers in these stands was much more effective than that which Mrs. Seale exhibited at the Crystal Palace on the 26th of last month; indeed, I quite agree with one of our oldest judges, who, when he saw Mrs. Seale's group of March vases at Tunbridge, said it was the prettiest arrangement he had ever seen.

The second prize in this class was awarded to Mrs. G. Smith, Hurstley, for a group of three vases, consisting of trumpets rising out of flat tazzas, the centre piece being the tallest, but had it been about 6 inches taller still it would have been a great improvement. The principal dressing of these stands consisted of blooms of Tacsonia Van Volxemii, sprays of Spiraea and Copper Beech, and light grey-tinted foliage furnished by Cen-taurea and other grey-leaved plants. The third prize in this class was awarded to Mr. John Beech, for an effective group consisting of a March stand for the centre piece, and at each side trumpets rising out of tazzas,all three being dressed with much taste. In the class for a single piece for table decoration the first prize was awarded to Mr. James Bolton for an elegantly-arranged vase, in which Orchids, blue Corn-flowers, Stephanotis, and other flowers and Ferns were charmingly intermixed. The second prize fell to Mrs. Seale for a March vase, very similar to the others exhibited by that lady; and the third prize was awarded to Mr. Fennel for a pretty design; and an extra fourth was awarded to Mr. G. Hubbard. The hand bouquets were good, nearly all exhibited, with few exceptions, being lightly put together, and free from that packed appearance too often to be observed in those exhibited for competition at flower shows; the prizes were awarded (in the order in which the names stand) to Mr. John Staples, Mrs. Staples, Mr. G. Hubbard, and Mrs. Fennel. For button-hole bouquets, which were plentiful, the first prize was awarded to Miss Jane Hollamby, and the second to Mr. R. A. Boesseer. Again, as last season, in the class for arranged groups of wild flowers, there was a keen competition.

The first prize was awarded to Miss Cox, the flowers in whose stands consisted of Poppies, Dog Daisies, Forget-me-nots, yellow Bird's-foot, Trefoil, and Grasses; the second to Mr. Charles Noble, for a large-sized March vase, in which, in addition to wild flowers, Grasses were extensively employed. In the class for a single piece for table decoration (for gardeners only), the prizes went to Mr. Richard Downing and Mr. James Bolton, both of whose arrangements were much admired.- The Garden.