"Keader," Bridgeport, Ind., says: " Will you please give us an article in the Gardener's Monthly on the forcing of Pie-plant; the plans and appliances to do the same in a small and also large way, the ins and outs of the work in detail and oblige an old reader."

[Rhubarb is so easily forced that there is really no art about it. Any one who has a greenhouse or warm celler can have rhubarb any time in the winter by getting the roots from out of doors, and planting in these warm places. They require no light, but sprout and go on as do potatoes. Some put barrels over them in the open ground, and then a little strawy manure or leaves around the barrels, and this brings the stalks forward a few weeks before they would naturally come. So little heat starts the growth that forcing rhubarb is very easy. - Ed. G. M.]