A Cincinnati correspondent says: " I am a great admirer of the Gardener's Monthly, but think you give too much space to small fruit growers and others whose grounds are rather farms than gardens. In a recent issue I noted that one-fifth of the whole space was occupied in that way. Can you not give us a horticultural paper, pure and simple and let these farm topics alone."

Jupiter once sat in the heavens, and opened his trap door to listen to the supplications of the inhabitants of the earth. He who was blind asked to be deaf instead, the lame man preferred to be blind, the deaf man wanted to be lame. No man had anything he wanted, and wanted everything he had not. Whereupon Jupiter waxed exceeding wroth, and shut the trap door down with such a bang that it has never been opened since.

However we shall have less temper, and are quite willing that the "fruit" men have their say in turn if they wish.