The fruit crop of Michigan for 1S76 is fair. Small fruits, which are now nearly out of season, have done well, but there is not enough raised in the State to supply the local demand, and large quantities are annually imported from Ohio, Illinois and other States. Strawberries were abundant this season on account of the frequent showers, and raspberries produced well and were much cheaper than usual. The currant and gooseberry caterpillars have been very destructive this year, destroying the foliage and damaging the fruit. The apple crop is fair, but will not be heavy, as the fruit did not set very well, and a considerable part of the crop is already damaged by the apple-worm, the larva of the codling-moth. Early in the season there was a prospect of a fine crop of pears, as the trees blossomed profusely and set well, but blight has set in and is unusually destructive. The peach crop will be fair throughout the State.