A space five hundred and twenty-five feet long, and one hundred feet wide, will be devoted to a continuous exhibition of fruit, so that any one at any time may send anything they have. The opening day will be May the 10th, and it is expected that tropical fruit will then be at once on the tables. Certain periods will be set apart for distinctive exhibitions. July 1st will be devoted to a special display of Southern fruits, and September 11th will be given up to the American Pomological Society. The Bureau of Agriculture, of which Mr. Burnett Landreth is Chairman, has made arrangements for providing 10,000 dishes to exhibitors, should that number be necessary. The Bureau will also furnish table room, all free of charge. Premiums will only be offered by individuals or societies. Of fruits, so far, premiums have only been arranged for apples, but it is hoped others will come in.