Those who do not like box, or are in climates too cold for it, should by all means use the Globe Arbor Vitae. It can be laid just as box is laid, and bears trimming just the same as box if not better. We recently saw some beautiful edgings at the nursery of Geo. Achelis, at West Chester. When full grown it is a beautiful ornament. Here is a sketch of one as growing on the grounds of Wm. R. Mercer, Esq., of Bucks Co., Pa.

Abies Engelmannii - On the grounds of W. R. Mercer, Esq., of Bucks Co., Pa., we recently saw two fine specimens of Engelmann Spruce. One was about three feet high, and probably larger than Mr. Gray's at Boston, which we had supposed hitherto, was the largest in cultivation. As is well known, there is a remarkable tendency to vary among coniferous plants, and hence our readers will not be surprised to learn that there was much difference between these two plants in habit and other characters. This beautiful Colorado spruce seems well adapted to eastern culture, and we hope to see it become common.