Messrs. Cole & Co., Atlanta, Ga., write: " We send you by express to-day a few Hame's Seedling Apples - a seedling that originated in Western Georgia in about 33' 30" N. latitude. It ripens with Red Astrachan, and the specimens sent should have been gathered ten days ago, and their condition is partly due to the unfavorable season. Our apple trees in this section are all blighted - the presence of insects and improper handling. The fruit is only one-half to two-thirds its usual size; the heaviest sent you weighing only 7 1/2 oz., while last year specimens weighing- 13 1/2 oz., were weighed by us, and good authority represented they were not the largest on the trees, - not grown with view to obtaining size but large trees with bushels of fruit on them. We have been watching the apple for several years and send these very poor specimens, hoping they may reach you in condition to enable you to form an opinion of its merits; promising to substantiate the statement as to size by better specimens another year.

" The apples were not raised by us, but shipped 70 or 75 miles."

[This apple has very much the appearance of Summer Hagloe, but this is a month later, instead of a month earlier than Red Astrachan. Unquestionably it is a desirable variety. - Ed. G. M.]