I would remark with regard to your list of probably hardy kinds of Rhododendrons, that out of eleven there mentioned, commencing with album grandiflorum and ending with Minnie, not half are hardy. In this I speak what I knoio. The remainder will surely disappoint those who plant them. And so of the other lists, and of Mr.W.'s entire collection; while there were very many grand, hardy plants in it, it must in its future results end in disappointment.

I could know this by glancing at the leaves while walking around, for the ponticum and arboreum show through the whole collection. I could say more, but add only that the unfortunate feature is that the sight of so many beautiful flowers will lead many in their ignorance to plant those half-hardy sorts, and after the first winter they will condemn the whole tribe; whereas, if they had planted such sorts as roseum grandiflorum, album elegans, Everestianum, etc, they would have had continual enjoyment from them.