It is not to be wondered at that in an affair of such tremendous magnitude as the Centennial, things should not all go right. It is indeed amusing to hear of this or that one body, or even individual, who feels himself or his cause has been "snubbed." By what we can learn, everybody in every sort of way has been "snubbed." They have all "snubbed" one another. It is at least a satisfaction to find that the authorities are willing to repent when convicted of wrong. Among their slips was the overlooking of judges for horticulture and pomo-logical products. The last has been some time remedied, and now we have for horticultural judges Messrs. Thurber, Breckenridge, Saunders, and F. Pentland. It strikes us as fortunate that the omission occurred at first, for it is very doubtful if so able and honorable a jury would have been selected in the first instance.