W. B., Delaware, Ohio, writes: "I send you this day a box, by mail, containing three fern fronds. Nos. 1 and 2 are seedling crosses of Pteris semdata and P. elegans, they somewhat resemble the Pteris longifolia; they are very strong growers. Are they worth disseminating under a new name? If so, I will have to send them east to be introduced. Our people understand corn best. No. 3; please give me the correct name; the frond I am aware is not perfect, but I selected it because it contained ripe seed which you can sow if you desire.

[It is often hard to distinguish between a variation in obedience to some innate law and a hybrid. Numbers of instances of the latter really belong to the former. These look as if they may be hybrids, and are in any case beautiful forms. The other fern is Aspidium falcatum. - Ed. G. M.]