After each new pest and ail, follow lots of sure cures therefor. But much of their value is lost by not.telling plainly the method of their use, and their exact make-up. These are just the things wanted. For that which in one way and proportion will cure an ail, in another will kill us and the ail too. Our friends therefore who would help us in the garden, should not leave anything at the mercy of a guess; but give us "measure for measure" of each thing which makes up the remedy, and should tell us, too, just how to apply.

Now, almost everybody knows that kerosene and carbolic acid are grand helps against many petty foes and ails ; but just how much of either and how much of water make up a proper " solution," "that is the question." At page 168 of your June number we face this trouble, in "a weak solution of carbolic acid" "for house plants." "About as large as a piece of chalk " is quite as definite, on size, as is a "weak solution," regarding the quantities therein. Now if you know how much carbolic acid of certain proof, and how much water, make a safe solution, tell us, please.