A. B. C, Ottawa, III - The timber of the American Larch is of little value, it is the European which is so popular. Even this varies considerably in the quality of the timber. In some localities it is liable to the attack of a small fungus which causes the tips of the leaves to decay before their natural time, and it is probably this which makes the difference in the quality of the timber. The Larch will grow on rather wet ground, but it only really thrives to best advantage on ground that is rather dry. It is on the whole one of the most valuable timber trees we have.

White Cypress, - A correspondent inquires which kind of Cypress it is that produces the white kind. There is but one known species, the Taxodium distichum. But there is some difference in the timber that does not show itself in characters that botanists can take hold 'of for scientific purposes. It is the same with other trees. The Liriodendron is an example. There is the white poplar and the yellow poplar of the cabinet makers. The wood is very different one from another, but the Liriodendron that yields the one or the other, seems exactly the same to the botanist.