By Daniel Dennett, New Orleans. This is a paper-covered book of some three hundred pages, giving a complete account of the farm-products, grasses, vegetables, forests; indeed the whole natural and introduced resources of the State. Those who have the good fortune to know Col. Dennett as the writer has will know that he is incapable of putting things forward in any other way than just as they are; and we can add, from our own personal experience of many matters referred to, that they are just as stated here. There is no doubt that Louisiana has the material for building up one of the greatest States in this Union. The efforts making by Col. Dennett to get people to see and to work up these advantages are better it strikes us, than millions of political speeches, and we wish them every success. The book is sent free by mail by Col. Dennett, New Orleans, for 60 cents.

Horticultural Societies