Dr. Phillips, Oxford, Miss., writes: - " I do not know whether I communicated to you, or whom, that Dr. J. J. Wheat, professor of Greek in our University, requested me to examine with him what should have been his strawberry patch. He dug at each hill, plants dead, and found one or more of the grub worm, and where the plants were in a dying condition, we found the worm and the root eaten up to the very plant. This proved, that manure where the black beetle deposits eggs is improper for the strawberry, as some one, I forget now who, wrote some years ago. Dr. Wheat concluded to make a new patch and use no animal manure, and to-day he informs me that the worm is in the new patch, but younger and smaller than last year. He used cotton-seed meal, I think. I know the bug will use oat meal to roll his ball. I saw it done, but cannot suppose meal applied last fall or this spring could be used in the earth, and that the egg was deposited before plants were set.