We have not noticed in these columns the arboretum planted by the editor of the Gardener's Monthly, as naturally he would prefer them to be judged by his cotemporaries rather than by a magazine, of which he is himself the editor. It was a much greater effort than most persons imagine to place in first-class condition and properly name on large labels so large a collection of trees, and no other person attempted it. We have, however, much pleasure in placing on record that the London Gardener's Chronicle complimented them highly; the New York Tribune regarded them as " offering an opportunity of study and comparison rarely to be enjoyed in this country;" and the Rural New Yorker had a good word for them as " 750 kinds of deciduous trees, etc, mostly hardy," which was kindly intended, but they are not all "deciduous" - one-third being evergreens. Other newspapers have kindly referred to their existence and commercial worth.