Proceedings for 1876, from Charles Y. Lacy, Secretary.

We have always had an idea that for genuine gardening Minnesota was destined to become in time the best State of the Union, and delight in watching her progress in this direction. A great deal of this report is taken up with fruit culture for market and for profit, which it is quite right and proper should be considered; but there is quite enough of the finer matters to show that the Minnesotians fully understand that man is not to live by bread alone.

The hard times reduced the attendance on our winter meeting very much, but we not only had a goodly number present, but a very interesting and profitable meeting; showing a very decided improvement in the interest taken in our calling. We have thus far found fruit-growing, especially apples, pears, etc, rather up-hill business in our State. Grapes and small fruits have done better. I myself raised over 6,000 pounds of grapes last year, and think there must have been over 10 tons raised in this county. I wish I could drop in upon your city about next September, and attend the meeting of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Re-union of American Pomological Society. We will try and have our State and Society represented there by some one, if possible. Probably Prof. Chas. Y. Lacy, of the State University, being our Secretary, may represent us, and we hope two or three others. I would like to be among the number, if circumstances will permit; if not, we shall all look to you, through the columns of the Monthly and Horticul-tulist, to give us a just and full account of the display, and what there is new in our line worth noticing.

Excuse this hurried letter, and accept it in the fraternal feeling it is written, and with which horticulturists are wont to greet each other; and should you wish, I will endeavor to send you the proceedings of our Society, when published, as the State publishes 2000 copies annually, part of which is handed over to the Society for distribution. Officers for 1876 Truman M. Smith, St. Paul, President.

Prof. Chas. Y. Lacy, Minneapolis, Secretary.

A. W. Lias, Rochester, Treasurer.

E. H. S. Duet, Owentown, 1st Vice-President.

T. G. Carter, St. Peter, 2d "

J. G. Grimes, Minneapolis, 3d " Executive Committee Norman Buck, Winona, Chairman.

Wyman Elliott, Minneapolis.

P. A. Jewell, Lake City.

O. F. Bland, Faribault.

John S. Harris, La Crescent.