Towards the end of May Prof. C. S. Sargent, Esq., of Brookline, Mass., exhibited his famous Aza-eas, and they were grand. The plants, some arge and others of various sizes, were well grown and densely flowered, and tastefully arranged in beds on the lawn under a very spacious tent. the pots being plunged out of sight, the fresh, grassy carpet and the presence of a few Palms and Rhododendrons set off to advantage these loral pyramids, umbrellas and cushions. Chief amongst the varieties were Decora, Exquisite, Bride of Abydos, Iverzana, Beaute de L'Europe, Variegata, Flower of the Day, Daphne, Criterion, md Marquis of Lome. These Azaleas in order to be retarded as late as convenient are wintered at the lowest possible temperature above the freez-ng point, and they appear to bear such treatment with impunity. The spring had fairly opened, Dut-door vegetation was approaching its prettiest, he weather was pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold; in fact, everything we could wish for, to make a visit enjoyable was in our favor. The gardens of Mr. S. are extensive and picturesque and undergoing considerable improvement. They too contain many fine specimen deciduous trees and handsome conifers.

The greenhouses are well stocked with plants, most remarkable amongst which are the gigantic specimens of such Agaves, as Coccinea, densiflora Glaucophylla, Angustifolia, Verschaffeltii, Uncinata, Grandiden-tata, Ghiesbreghtii, Horrida, Xylacavtha, Univittata. Recurvispina, Besseriana, Atrovirens, Jacobiana, and many others. .