Our readers may remember that when our friends Maxwell and Barry introduced two varieties of Arbor vitae, and named one George Peabody, and the other Tom Thumb, and we supported them in the excellent innovation, the English nurserymen flatly refused to have these varieties under these names, and re-christened them with Latin names of several feet in length. We cannot see how Latin names are to be obviated in Botany, - but for garden forms there is no necessity, and it seems inexpressibly absurd. Here before us is a list of garden forms of holly. One is Ilex aqui-folia aurea angusti marginata, another Ilex aqui-folia serratifolia alba marginata, and so on. Even in Europe as in this country there have been attempts at rebellion. Mr. Waterer having named one holly Golden Milkmaid, but he seems to have been subdued, and the kind is declared to be Ilex aquifolia aurea medio picta,- only this and nothing more!