As a general rule, we favor no new addition to the two thousand list of apples, unless they are in some respects superior to old ones. But Mr. Chas. Downing, in a recent report to the Fruit Grower's Society of Western New York, speaks -so very favorably of some new ones, that we rather reluctantly make a place for an account of some of the best of them in our columns:

Reeds' Golden Pippin - received from Thomas J. Pullen, of Hightstown, N. J., who states that it is of unknown origin, is not surpassed in flavor by the Newtown Pippin, and is a late keeper. The tree is vigorous, making a large round head, bearing annually, and setting its fruit evenly over the tree. Fruit medium, roundish-oblate, golden yellow; flesh yellow, half fine, tender, juicy, mild, rich sub-acid, slightly aromatic; core small.