Mr. Geo. Smith, of Hornsey, London, who raised this variety, says it is remarkable for the persistency with which it retains its petals, the unusually large size of its trusses, as well as the great substance and intense brilliancy of its flowers, and when we reflect that the Royal Horticultural Society awarded it a first-class certificate of merit last season, we may justly infer that its merits were"well considered.

This variety is a sprout from the well known and popular single flowering Zonale Pelargonium "Vesuvius," and retains the dwarf free growth, abundant bloom, and other qualities of that variety as well as its intense brilliant orange-scarlet color. Our plants when only three or four inches high - mere slips, commenced throwing up their flower trusses, which would seem to indicate an unusually free flowering habit, which will give it great value as a market or bedding plant, H. E. C.

New Double Zonale Pelargonium Wonderful