We have received from Mr. Charles Van Geert, of Antwerp, a colored plate representing a shoot and foliage of his new Golden Populus canadensis. It is very beautiful, and those who know Mr. Van Geert are certain that he would not circulate any representation of it which was an exaggeration of the truth. Our forest scenery is destitute of golden tints, except in the autumn, and this new gain of Mr. Van Geert's will add a beauty and variety to it which has hitherto been lacking. In his prospectus Mr. Van Geert says " Its leaves are quite as large as those of the common Poplar, and the yellow hue, instead of looking sickly, has a warm and vigorous tint. The better nourished the tree is, and the more it is exposed to the sun, the more vivid is the golden hue. The stalks and the bark of the shoots become then dark red, which adds greatly to the beauty of the coloring.

"This variety, or rather this freak of nature - for it was spontaneously produced on a single branch of a large tree - has been observed by ourselves for more than five years, and during all this time it has never shown any tendency to alter its golden character.

"This novelty will be ready for sending out in March, 1876, and the finest specimens will be forwarded to the first subscribers." - Journal of Horticulture.