From various sources we make up the following, that will probably all prove hardy in our climate:

Maalcia Amouriensis

We had a specimen of this from the collection of Alfred Cope. The flowers are in close white bunches, and the leaves have much the appearance of a Cladras-tus tinctoria. It will be a good acquisition to our list of hardy trees.

Otlier Japonica

The English papers say of of this, which will perhaps prove hardy in at least our Middle States: "A new and beautiful ever -, green shrub. One of the most distinguished ' Japanese travellers says this is perhaps the prettiest evergreen they have in Japan; it grows . about twenty feet high, has dark green leaves and a profusion of bright red fruit; it is very effective and perfectly hardy."

A New Strain Of Dracaenas

Mr. Bause, who was the first to break up the old-fashioned Coleus into so many beautiful kinds, and without which our gardens would make now but a poor show, has done the same tiling now for the Dracaena. The new strain is said to be among the most beautiful of leaf plants, quite as striking as the Coleus. No doubt some of our enterprising florists will soon offer them in this country.

Pyracantha Japonica

We have not noticed before that there is a Pyracantha under this name in Europe. It appears there are a number of good Japan trees and shrubs in the Old World, awaiting introduction here. The Garden says: "In town gardens, Pyracantha japonica is now one of the most attractive of all wall plants. In the Royal Horticultural and also in Kensington Gardens, this plant is now the admiration of all who see it. Crataegus Aroma, in Kensington Gardens, is also just now strikingly beautiful, as is likewise the crimson-fruited Cotoneaster frig-ida, which, as a town tree, ought to be more extensively planted than it is.

Styrax Japonica

This hardy deciduous shrub is of dwarf compact growth, with elegantly spreading branches, furnished with bright green elliptic leaves, and gives a profusion of white flowers, somewhat resembling snowflakes. It will be a very useful plant for early forcing along with Deutzias, Spirseas, & c., and an exceedingly-pretty and useful shrub for borders in the open air. It is a native of Japan.- W. Bull.

Deutzia Crenata Cantcdissima Plena

An exceedingly free-flowering variety, producing fine large, very double, pure white flowers. It is a very useful winter and spring-blooming plant, ind.looks extremely elegant when covered with its large bunches of pure white flowers.

Weigela Lavallel

The flowers of this attractive variety are of a rich purplish red color, with yellow centres, and are very freely produced in exceedingly long bunches. It is a distinct and handsome variety of robust growth, and is also in excellent plant for forcing.- W. Buff.