Mr. Alex. Newett, gardener to H. P. McKean, Esq., of this city, has flowered some of Messrs. Veitch's new hybrid Gloxinias, and they prove to be very handsome things indeed. On the continent of Europe as well as in England they are turning their attention to this new race. The Illustration Horticole thus describes some new ones raised in France:

"Madame Duval, flowers nearly 2 1/2 inches in diameter, with obcordate lobes, waved at the margin, of a velvety carmine-red or crimson, passing into pink at the circumference and shaded with dull red in the throat, which has a white ground spotted with red; a superb variety, of perfect shape; perhaps the finest red in the group. Phedre, flowers perfect in shape, about 2 inches in diameter, of a violet-blue, paler towards the margin of the lobes, with a darker ring suffused with fiery red at the mouth of the tube. Colore Nova, flowers nearly 2 1/2 inches in diameter, of a deep brown-red or claret color, paler towards the centre; throat white; a new color in Gloxinias. La Rosiere, flowers beautifully formed, about 2 inches in diameter, pure white with a half-circular ring of delicate pink in the centre, radiating in lines corresponding to the lobes, and bordering the lobes; a handsome and free-flowering variety. Papillon, flowers large, of a beautiful lavender-blue, rayed, dotted, and veined with a deeper tint, forming a new design, which recalls the markings on certain butterflies with blue wings.

These five fine varieties were raised from seed by Mr. Duval, of Versailles, and upon every occasion, and at every place where they have been exhibited, they have attracted general admiration. They show that these charming Gesneria-caee have not yet attained their highest degree of perfection. From year to year there has been an advance in purity of form, in the size of the flowers, and in the marvellous diversity of rich coloring they display. We think they very closely approach perfection, though doubtless crosses with new species would bring further improvements.