New Variegated Fern: - Dictyogramma Ja-Ponica

Variegated ferns are very rare. Mr. Williams of England has introduced this. The yellowish green variegation is "herring boned" along the centre of each leaflet as in some of the marantas. There is a wood cut of it in January Florist and Pomologist. It is a hardy greenhouse kind.

Dahlia Maximilliana

This is a new species from Mexico, with flower of a peach-blossom color, seeds of which are being offered by American seedsmen. It may be the parent of a new race.

Zonale Pelargonium, Distinction

Mr. Chitty says this is a very interesting variegated leaved novelty. The leaves are dark green, having a narrow band of jet black near the margin. There is a cut of it in the advertising columns.

Clematis Ligusticifolia

This is a remarkably strong and vigorous growing, hardy clematis. A neighbor to the well known C. Virginiana of the Eastern states, and will at least be as popular. We note that it is now being offered in several of our seedsmen's catalogues. It grows from Colorado westward. A good thing for covering walls of houses or outbuildings.

Macleya Yedoensis

This charming ornamental-leaved plant has been recently introduced from Japan. It is a vigorous grower, and attains in one season a height of from four to five feet, The leaves are very large, of a glacous green, with rosy yellow nervoses on the upper side, and are deeply and elegantly cut.- R. G. Hanford.

New Variegated Lantana - Harkett's Perfection

This has been proved the past two summers and is undoubtedly the best variegated bedding or pot plant to stand the sun. The leaves are golden yellow, blotched and marbled with dark green; having rich rose colored flowers with orange centre, beautifully harmonizing with he foliage. It obtained a diploma at the Northwestern Exposition held in Dubuque, in September, 1875. - W. A.Harkett.

Othonna Crassifolia

This pretty plant is jut little known. It has a dwarf, creeping, or pendulous habit, with slender, round, fleshy, light green leaves, and small axillary, yellow flowers. As a plant for hanging-baskets, flourishing in a cool temperature, it is the gem of all similar plants. Its numerous graceful stems droop over the sides of the pot or basket, and its Sedum-like foliage glistens under the bright sun; also suitable for carpet-bedding among succulent plants. It is a perfect gem in the full sun.

Ligustrum Coriaceum

Is a new species of Japan privet, introduced into English gardens, and which will probably prove a desirable thing for out door culture in this country.

Zinnia Darwini

Under this name a new race of Double Zinnias has come into existence through the skill of the hybridizer, and is illustrated in the February number of the London Florist and Pomologist. The habit is much better than the old race of Double Zinnias, and they will be no doubt great favorites. We believe our seedsmen will soon be able to offer them to American cultivators.