Pentstemon Hctolis

One of the prettiest of the dwarf Pentstemous of the Rocky Mountains, forms the subject of a handsome colored plate in the Florist and Pomologisl for November.

Dahlia Gracilis

This is a new species. The common dahlia is improved from D. coccinea, a single scarlet flowered kind. But it has simply pinnate leaves. The leaves of this one are bipin-nate.

Gladiolus cruentus is a new species introduced into England from Natal, and has the advantage of flowering late in the fall.

Rhus Panaciformis

A close-growing shrubby plant of elegant character. It has alternate pinnated leaves, with about six pairs of leaflets, which are rounded and unequal-sided at the base, elliptic oblong in outline, and on the young plants about two inches long. The rachis is puberulous, and the leaflets hairy beneath. It is apparently a plant of stocky habits.- W. Bull.

Rhus Rufa

A fine pinnated-leaved shrubby plant of ornamental character. It has erect rusty-barked stems, pinnate leaves a foot long or more, and consisting of about eight pairs of leaflets, which are from 3 to 4 inches long, and from an inch to an inch and a half broad, hairy beneath, oblong-acute, with the base rounded and unequal-sided. The leaves are alternate, the rachis tomentose, of a reddish hue, and the whole plant of a free-growing and elegant habit.- W. Bull.

Fraxinus Longicuspis

A slender deciduous Japanese tree, with tetragonous branches, whose bark is marked by lenticular warts. It has pinnate leaves, with two or three pairs of leaflets, which in the mature state are lanceolate with a long acuminate point, but in the young plants are blunt, and sometimes rounded. The inflorescence forms an erect terminal or lateral panicle. According to Siebold, this is one of the plants on which the wax insect feeds.- W. Bull.

Wistaria Macrobotrys

This variety, introduced from Japan, is of vigorous growth, and exceedingly free flowering, producing fine large full bunches of flowers, of immense length. The foliage is dark green; the flowers are white, tinted with bluish purple, and very large and fine. It is a most attractive and ornamental plant.- IF. Bull.

Daphniphyllum Roxburghii

A deciduous tree, belonging to the natural order Euphor-biaceae. It has an extensive geographical range; the plants here offered are from Japan. It has an erect twiggy habit, with oblong-obovate or ovate opposite deep green leaves, and axillary racemes of minute flowers.

Abies Alcoquiana

This Japanese species proves as hardy in our country as the Norway spruce. The under surface is as silvery as the Menzies spruce, while the upper surface is of a deep green. A correspondent of the Garden regards it as the handsomest of the spruces.

Improved Petunias

The Petunia thrives better in our climate than in that of the old world, and hence has improved faster. Header's strain forms the subject of a beautiful illustration in the Florist and Pomologist of London, and are much like those we have seen of Vick, and others of our leading seedsmen.