1st. Relaxation from business.

2d. The cultivation of personal acquaintance with others engaged in the trade.

3d. Exhibition of any new Fruits, Flowers, Plants, or any Manufactured articles, such as Labels, Wire Goods, Berry Baskets, or implements used in the business.

4th., Exchange, purchase or sale of Surplus Stock.

5th. To perfect better methods of Culture, Packing, Grading, and Sale of Stock.

This will present a favorable opportunity for the exhibition and sale of new varieties of strawberries, new and rare plants, wooden and metallic labels, lithographs of fruits and flowers, berry baskets, wire goods, florists' requisites, and the various implements used by nurserymen. It is expected to obtain reduced rates from all the railroads and hotels in Chicago. Any further information can be obtained by addressing,

Dr. John E. Ennis, Clinton, Iowa; J. S. Stick -ney, Wauwatosa, Wis.; Edgar Sanders, Chicago, I11.; L. K. Scofield, Freeport, I11.; A. R. Whitney, Franklin Grove, I11.; D. Wilmot Scott, Galena, I11.; Lewis Ellsworth, Naperville, I11., Committee of arrangements.