New orchideous plants continue to be introduced, - adding to the variety and interest of collections, but seldom surprising by rare beauty. The subject of this paragraph, as well as Odontoglossum Alexandra, are exceptions to this; of the former, a recent Gardener's Chronicle says: "A plant of this extremely handsome new introduction has just flowered for the first time, and was exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Society's Meeting on Wednesday, the 5th inst., when it elicited unusual admiration, and was unanimously awarded the First-class Certificate it so justly merited. The flower-spikes are branched, bearing from twenty to thirty pure white, purple-spotted flowers; the sepals and petals have undulated margins, and their apices are drawn into long tapering points. The lip is yellow at the base, boldly streaked with rich dark brown, and the crest is whitish and two-lobed, The flowers may be likened to those of ' O nsevium,' but are fully three times larger than those of that species."