M. B. Bate-ham writes: "In your comments on the Centennial Pomological Exhibition, (Oct. p. 319,) you say 'Ohio had a very fine collection of fruit, but we understood that the State would pay no one to properly exhibit them, and so no one knew names of fruit or of parties who sent them,which was unfortunate.'

" Though unintentional, of course, your remark casts an unjust reflection upon the representatives of Ohio at the exhibition. The Ohio State Horticultural Society undertook the labor and expense of collecting and exhibiting the fruit from this State ; and three of the officers of the Society were in attendance at the hall, most of the time, during each day of the pomological exhibition. The fruit was displayed on a range of tables assigned to it, the farthest side of the hall - although our application for space was among the earliest. It filled over 1100 plates, and the name of the variety was on each plate. The name of the Society was painted on two banner signs, each ten feet in length, stretched between the pillars, over the tables, and the names of the twenty or more counties and local societies from which the fruit came, was on placards upon the tables. Then a full list of the varieties in the entire collection was made out by the secretary, and handed to Capt. Landreth, as desired. If anything more was wanting for the ' proper exhibition ' of the fruit, it was owing to a failure on our part to comprehend the duties of the august occasion."

[We should be sorry to cast reflections on Mr. Bateham, or any one, and had no intention of doing so. It seemed a duty to tell our readers why we gave credit to individuals in other States and none to Ohio. For this reason we have to repeat that if there were exhibitors' names on the productions any time between Monday, September 11th, and Friday, September 15th, we did not see them. - Ed. G. M.]