An interesting and distinct Fern from California. Fronds glaucous-green, rigid, erect, from 9 to 12 inches high, bipinnate; the secondary pinna? all trifoliate, except the ultimate ones, which are simple and solitary. The pinnules are so formed and arranged in the trifoliate pinnae as to resemble the claws of the foot of a small bird, each terminated with a distinct mucro. Stipes and rachis dark purplish. Received direct from collector, and exhibited by us under the name of P. mucronata before the Royal Horticultural Society, when it was much admired, and was awarded a first-class certificate.- Veitch.

Mr. Lee's New Violet, Prince Consort, surpasses in size, depth of color, and fragrance, all the varieties we are acquainted with in the valuable section of violets it represents. A boxful of the blooms were in our office a fortnight, and at the end of the term were still recognizable as noble violets, though time had robbed them of their freshness. Their unusually large size and great substance are strikingly characteristic, and justify Mr. Lee's declaration that his Prince Consort is " the finest violet out." - Gardener's Magazine.