Of this the Gardener's Chronicle says:

"Physalis edulis is receiving the attention it deserves from some French horticulturists, and M. de St. Quentin, writing in the Bulletin de la Societe d'Acclimatation, declares the fruit to be superior to the best flavored tomatoes. With us it is still very little grown, and usually more as a novelty than for the sake of its crop of fruit, but doubtless it will sooner or later come into favor in this country, just as the tomato has done. Within the last ten or fifteen years the demand for tomatoes in England has increased to an enormous extent, though few persons like them on the first trial; but after the taste for them is once acquired nothing is more palatable. The same remark applies to the beet-root, which is now rapidly superseding the less wholesome and more expensive indigestible pickles."