Prof. Thurber is President, and a large list of well-known horticultural names make up the officers. This is the report of the first annual meeting, and much good work appears to have been done. The President's address will bear reading over several times. Seldom is an " annual address " given with so much food for thought. Then there are highly instructive essays from W. Parry, on Raspberry Culture; the Huckleberry, by C. W. Idell, especially interesting because as yet this is not among cultivated fruits; the Geranium, by P.Henderson; Hybrid Strawberries, by E. W. Durand; Horticultural Entomology, by A. S. Fuller; Glad-iolas, by Geo. Such; Promising New Fruits, by E. Allen; Keeping Pears, by W. H. Goldsmith; Hedges and Screens, by S. W. Thompson. All articles that are really Horticultural, and valuable.