L. F., Belleville, Ills., asks: "Having heretofore failed to find the proper method to keep my Tea Roses during winter, I propose the coming season to fasten the branches to a stake and surround them with straw, making a mound of coal ashes over the roots. .Would not such a plan keep the plants dry, and protect them from freezing? If you will give your valuable opinion on that subject, you will much oblige me indeed."

[The putting on and taking off of earth or coal ashes in fall and spring is troublesome where there are many tea roses. It is better to take them up late in the fall, cut away the immature parts, choose a spot where water will not lie, and then bury roots and tops in earth till early in spring, when take up and replant. If there are but one or two plants, and it is desired to have handsome specimens, the branches may be packed in with dry leaves, and a box placed over the whole to keep the leaves dry and from blowing away, just as in these parts we do Pampas grass and some other things. - Ed. G. M.]