W. G. A. says: "A friend brought me from Maryland, near Gun-' Powder river (or creek), these evergreens which grow beautifully at that place. I was not able to name them. The Spruce is very abundant, about 80 feet high, and beautiful. What spruce is it? The black and white belong to the north; the arbor vitae, I take to be our own. What is the cedar? These trees are supposed to be indigenous in that locality."

[It is surprising to get specimens like these with the suggestion that they might be indigenous. One is the American arbor vitae from the northern part of the continent; another the deodar cedar of the East Indies; another the Japan cedar, Cryptomeria japonica; and the other Liboce-drus decurrens of the Pacific coast. The remarkable health of these specimens, shows that they are excellent kinds for our Maryland friends to cultivate. - Ed. G. M.]