A Henry Co., Ills., correspondent says: "I have received from Michigan an apple which I think is worthy of notice. The skin is yellow, with a slight blush, medium size, juicy, good flavor. The remarkable feature about it is the color of the flesh, which is similar to that of a red-cored watermelon; it is bright rose-colored, and I am told makes a cider very much like wine.

Have you ever before heard of this apple or anything like it. I will try and have a specimen of it sent you. The man who owns the farm where it grew says that the tree was on the place when he bought it; and I understand that he does not know whether this is the original tree or not. My impression is that it is a seedling, and that it has not been disseminated."

[Red-fleshed apples are not uncommon. The old-fashioned Quarrenden is often as red all through as the heart of a watermelon, and so is the Black Detroit and others. The specimen did not come to hand. - Ed. G. M.]