Can you give me some information in regard to the above-named plant? Having seen in Peter Henderson's Catalogue that it was deciduous, and required the same treatment as the Dahlia, I procured a tuber and planted it out in summer, lifted it in the fall, and have it in the house now. It is in a, six-inch pot and has twelve large handsome leaves and one flower on, and is the admiration of all who see it. This plant bloomed last summer, and from a flower I saved seed which produced one hundred and twelve plants, all as truly variegated as their parent. What I wish to know is - does this plant realty require to remain dormant awhile as represented? Many ladies and gardeners hereabouts have been interested in my plants, and I propose to have them photographed, a copy of which I will send to you.

[The great success achieved by our correspondent answers his own question. It does not appear to be a necessity that it should be dried off like a dahlia. - Ed. G. M.]