Mr. J. S. Lovett, Red Bank, N. J., writes: - "By this mail I send you a leaf and flower of ' Duchess of Edinburg Tea (?) Rose,' figured in the Gardener's Monthly of August. If it is not too far gone when it reaches you - particularly the leaf - I think you will agree with me in calling it a Bourbon. When I first saw this new rose in bloom at the Kissena Nurseries, nearly a year ago, it struck me as strongly resembling the Bourbon class, which I remarked to Mr. Trumpy. His reply was, that he had noticed the same, and was of the opinion that it would turn out to be a Bourbon. Having since watched it closely, I am now satisfied from its habit, appearance of leaf and flower, that it is a true Bourbon, though the handsomest one I have yet seen. It possesses much merit, and is worthy a place in all collections, yet those who buy it for a crimson Tea Rose, will, I am satisfied, be disappointed."

[The habit is much of the Bourbon, but how about the fragrance? Bourbons are only beautiful; Teas are sweet. - Ed. G. M.]