J. R. S., Catawissa, writes: "I take the liberty of sending you to-day per Reading Express (expressage prepaid) one small box of a seedling strawberry of my own raising for examination. With me they are much larger, better quality, much more productive and very much better growers than any other kind. I would like Mr. Meehan to see them, and have his opinion of them, but as he lives in German-town, I thought likely he would not get them until spoiled. The season is very wet with us, and the fruit consequently not so firm and good flavor as usual. This is the second week's picking and the berries are from 1/4 to 1/3 smaller than the first week."

[These should have been sent to Germantown. It would have saved time and twenty-five cents to the editor. Still they came to Germantown from Philadelphia in fair condition after their long journey, and enabled us to form a high opinion of their merits. - Ed. G. M.]