They are having the same "bother" over the male Aucubas in England that we used to have over our barren strawberries till we learned better. A strawberry that usually has its stamens abortive, and thus be known as a " pistillate " variety, under some circumstances will perfect its stamens, become hermaphrodite and bear fruit. Berries are sometimes found on the male Aucubas, and so some assert that "male Aucubas bear fruit." It is a play upon words, and hardly worthy of the serious discussion it is receiving. Of course, if a plant usually bearing only stamens, produces a fruit, it can be only by the occasional development of a pistil among the stamens or on the plant - just as every American farmer knows an occasional productive flower will be produced and bear a grain in a male tassel of Indian corn. It is a simple thing to make so much mystery out of.