I observe your remark about self-opening gates, or rather gates opened by the wheels of the carriage passing over them. I have had in use one made by Messrs. Cottom, of this city, for three years, and never in any respect out of order, or working otherwise than satisfactorily. Many others of same make have been in use here for five or six or more years, and give perfect satisfaction. My single gate cost, put up, $40; the price of double gates I think is $50 and $60. It is the best I ever saw, and see no use for further attempt at improvement.

Sunday, 9th January, ther. 58°. A bush honeysuckle in the garden in full bloom, from which we have the flowers now in the house. 10th, Monday, 7 A. M., temp. 16°; 11th, 10°; this morning, 21°.