The old evergreen thorn, Crataegus pyracantha, which is usually grown as a wall-tree, and is certainly one of the finest wall-trees of its class, makes an equally effective standard or free-branching bush, and in this shape bears berries profusely, and from the end of September to the end of March is without any question whatever the most splendid berry-bearing shrub in the English garden. In the Gardener's Magazine for December 6, 1862, I directed attention to the importance of berry-bearing shrubs for winter furnishing, and in the issue for December 16, 1865, I explained how I had employed pyracanthas as pot plants to light up beds of evergreens during winter on the plunging system. It is therefore no new freak with me to have standard pyracanthas, and my only regret is that I have not room to employ them largely, for they are equal ■ to any evergreen shrubs when the berries are gone, and are brilliantly beautiful all through the autumn and winter, if the thrushes will but leave them alone.

Give this notion room for expansion in your sunny shrubbery borders, and in a few years you will see the way to do winter promenade gardening in a way to beat all attempts hitherto made, excepting, of course, those of your obedient servant. - Gardener's Magazine.