Mr. Elliott says: "Your April number has just come to hand, as usual full of practical, as well as scientific matter. I note that I have been quoted as having written a flattering notice of the Sterling Strawberry. Please, I herewith send you the copy of what I did write, touching that and one or two more Strawberries. I am oft accused of praising varieties, but just here, let me say, the man who can prove that I have favored any one new fruit, without a qualification, or remarks touching its success, has got to look sharp over my notes on fruits.

New Strawberries

I am indebted to Matthew Crawford, East Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., O., for samples of seedling strawberries, that are in themselves truly beautiful in form and color, and superior in quality. Of their productiveness I have only to give Mr. Crawford's statement, which is that they equal any other sort. The three best, Mr. Crawford has named, respectively, Mary White, Sterling, and Margaret.


His is a berry somewhat after the style of Golden Seeded, or a full colored, well ripened Triomphe de Gand. It is of size of Tri-omphe de Gand but more uniformly conical or obovate conical; of a rich glossy vermilion red, thickly studded with golden yellow seed on the surface; the flesh is quite firm, of vermilion red, having a white rim around the cone, which is in gome, not all, partially hollow; it is rich, sprightly and brisk, but a little acid. The calyx is large. It has all the points of a good and desirable market sort if it prove abundantly productive. The leaf is broad, almost round, with broad yet sharp-cut lobes.

"Mr. Crawford writes me: 'It has taken two first premiums - one for the best seedling, and the other for the best flavored berry.'

"I have no knowledge of who the committee were that gave the premiums. I wrote from the specimens sent me. F. R. Elliott."